Allianz Tower under management of L’Etoile Properties

Amsterdam, 25 June 2020 – L’Etoile Properties manages as of June 18th the Allianz Tower, formerly known as the Robeco Tower, at the Coolsingel 120 in Rotterdam. This inspiring and modern office building exists of 19.019 sqm, is 95 meters high and a significant part of the Rotterdam Skyline. A thousand employees of Allianz Netherlands moved on the 22nd of June to their new office, which has been adjusted to their wishes (source: L’Etoile Properties advised a fund managed by Amundi on the acquisition of the

Allianz Tower and will now also perform the daily management on behalf of the French Asset Manager. After the sale in 2016, the German headquarters of Allianz in Hamburg was added to the portfolio of L’Etoile Properties Germany. As a result, the position of L’Etoile Properties has gained more strength within the large international users.

L’Etoile Properties has, next to the Dutch headquarters, offices in London, Hamburg, Madrid, Seoul and Luxembourg. The L’Etoile Properties group currently has approximately 6 billion euros of commercial real estate under management. From the office in the Netherlands approximately 1.9 billion euro’s is managed and expected to further expand the portfolio on sort term basis.

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