Floris van Maanen COO of L’Etoile Properties Group

Amsterdam, 30 September 2019 – As of the first of September 2019, Floris van Maanen is named Chief Operating Officer (COO) of L’Etoile Properties Group.

Floris van Maanen (1979) has been Managing Partner of L’Etoile Properties since 2019, in which he is responsible for L’Etoile Properties Netherlands. With this extension of duties, Van Maanen has become responsible for the Asset and Property Management in the various offices in Hamburg, Paris and Madrid. This step should create more synergy within the countries.

L’Etoile Properties Group currently owns approximately 8 billion euros of commercial estate under management. From the office in the Netherlands, approximately 1.7 billion euros is managed an expected to expand the portfolio on short term basis.

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