L’Etoile Properties present new company Partners

Amsterdam, November 22, 2021 – On November 1st, L’Etoile Properties (Sienna Investment Managers) announced six new partners. Timo Wolf, Oliver Hecklau, Guillaume Unglik, Oscar Gutierrez, Marcos Labrador and Gerwin Sint Nicolaas have been promoted to Partners.

Timo Wolf and Oliver Hecklau, both co-Managing Directors of the German office. Wolf has over 21 years of real estate experience as a MD or CEO; and Hecklau has 11 years of real estate and private equity experience and has been with L’Etoile Properties since 2017.

Guillaume Unglik, Head of the French office, and Gerwin Sint Nicolaas, Head of Acquisitions of the Dutch office. Guillaume Unglik has 8 years of real estate acquisition and asset management experience at L’Etoile Properties; and Sint Nicolaas has 8 years of real estate investment and development experience, started with L’Etoile Properties in 2015 as an analyst and is already leading the Benelux acquisition management.

From the Spanish Office: Oscar Gutierrez, Head of the Spanish office; and Marcos Labrador, Head of Asset Management. Gutiérrez has more than 30 years of experience in Equity Capital Markets and Commercial Investments in real estate; and Labrador has 21 years of experience in managing international projects as well as real estate investment vehicles throughout Europe for international institutional investors.

“I am extremely pleased to have a new generation of partners joining the table, as they will lead and ensure the future and continuity of our business”, says Didier Unglik, CEO and Founder Partner of L’Etoile Properties. “After joining Sienna Investment Managers in the summer, we are ready to further expand our service to our clients and continue to develop our own funds”.

The current Senior Managing Partners team: Jean-Marc Leverne, Group Legal Director; Hervé Declercq, Director of Corporate Finance; Floris van Maanen, Group Operations Director; Peter Klinge, Group CFO; YJ Shin, Head of Korea / Asia Pacific; and Richard Apfelbacher, Head of L’Etoile Properties Funds, the company’s latest venture.

About L’Etoile Properties

L’Etoile Properties, created in 1990, is a pan-European investment manager present in Amsterdam, Hamburg, Paris, Madrid and London as well as in South Korea. It also covers Italy, Eastern Europe, Scandinavia and the Emirates through local partnerships.

L’Etoile Properties has been active with international institutional investors for more than 30 years in the investment and management of office real estate assets mainly, but also in hotels and logistics. Currently, the company manages over 90 real estate assets representing a value of approximately € 7 billion and is supported by over 100 employees across its various locations.


About Sienna Investment Managers

Sienna Investment Managers, a platform for alternative investments and real assets and a wholly-owned subsidiary of GBL operates in Luxembourg, London and, as of spring 2021, in Paris, Hamburg, Amsterdam, Madrid and Seoul. Sienna recently acquired L’Etoile Properties.

Sienna manages €10 billion (of which €2.9 billion is in permanent capital or NAV) on behalf of its shareholder GBL as well as international clients, primarily through real estate assets, investments in private market funds and direct equity investments in unlisted companies. Sienna recently announced that it had entered into exclusive negotiations with Malakoff Humanis to build a strategic partnership that would result in, among other things, the acquisition of a majority stake in its management company MH GA.


About GBL

Groupe Bruxelles Lambert (“GBL”) is an established investment holding company, with over sixty years of stock exchange listing, a net asset value of €22.5 billion and a market capitalization of €15.3 billion at the end of September 2021. GBL is a leading investor in Europe, focused on long-term value creation and relying on a stable and supportive family shareholder base. GBL is both a responsible company and investor and perceives ESG factors as being inextricably linked to value creation.

GBL strives to maintain a diversified high-quality portfolio of listed and private assets as well as alternative investments (through Sienna Investment Managers), composed of global companies that are leaders in their sector, to which it can contribute to value creation by being an active professional investor.

GBL is focused on delivering meaningful growth by providing attractive returns to its shareholders through a combination of growth in its net asset value, a sustainable dividend and share buybacks.


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