L‘etoile Properties
Property Management

Property Management

Our Property Management takes responsibility for the daily operation of our clients’ real estate assets. We make sure that the tenants are satisfied and that the investment of our clients is successful. As our Property Management team works closely together with our Asset Management and Acquisition teams, we are better able to understand our clients’ strategy and execute the business plan in the best way possible.

  • Property Accounting
  • Commercial Property Management
  • Technical Property Management
  • Capex Budgeting and Monitoring


As experts in our local markets, we assist our clients with the disposition of the investment. Because we know our clients’ assets extremely well together with our market knowledge, we can provide the best possible exit strategy and assist our client during its execution.

  • Advising on sale strategy
  • Disposal process
  • Due Diligence
  • Execution and fund distribution
  • Corporate Management

Buildings are often acquired using special purpose vehicles (SPV). We can take responsibility for the entire coordination process and establish, control, and manage special purpose vehicles for our clients, from registration right through to dissolution, or until sale.

This also includes accounting as well as carrying out and checking all tax returns. We operate in compliance with all tax-related, social and accounting aspects of the law.